Community Love

How does Community Art spread love and acceptance?

  1. It helps foster the feeling of community: It establishes a shared identity and sense of belonging among diverse groups.
  2. It helps people escape from reality: Art offers a haven from the every day, allowing us to step into different worlds and perspectives.
  3. It allows for self-expression and awareness: Art provides a platform to voice our feelings, thoughts, and identities.
  4. The process is encourages contemplation and reflection: Through art, we can introspect and ponder life's mysteries.
  5. It provides a chance to feel joy: Beyond its deeper meanings, art can also be sheer fun and enjoyment.
  6. It is inspirational: Art has the power to inspire awe, wonder, and introspection.

Community art includes workshops and classes, visiting museums and beautiful public places, and/or gatherings of any kind that include art. Visit our calendar for upcoming events. One of my favorite ways to build community is with a large mandala placed where people can sit and color, and commune together.

Using the power of creativity to bring a sense of togetherness, a community mandala will become a favorite spot for people to gather. 

Below there are downloadable PDFs you can immediately download and print any size. Print small images on your printer and/or take the PDF to a FedEx/Kinkos or your favorite large format printer. We recommend you print it at least 2 x 2 feet for optimal coloring experience! You can print it as large as your printer allows. (Ask for paper with grommets if you'd like to hang it when completed (it makes an excellent background for selfies!) 

In the end, you will have a beautiful mandala representing the sense of oneness and community we need so much in our world.

Show your people you care with this beautiful community experience.

Would you like a custom community mandala?

We can make that happen! Just let me know the details here.