Community Mandalas

Build community with a giant mandala where people sit and color together.

Using the power of creativity to bring a sense of togetherness, a community mandala will become a favorite spot for people to gather. 

This is a downloadable PDF that you can immediately download and print any size. Take the PDF to a FedEx/Kinkos or your favorite large format printer. 

We recommend you print it at least 2 x 2 feet for optimal coloring experience! You can print it as large as your printer allows. (Ask for paper with grommets if you'd like to hang it when completed (it makes a great background for selfies!) 

In the end, you will have a beautiful mandala that represents the sense of oneness and community we need so much in our world.

Show your people you care with this beautiful community experience.

Choose one of the three designs below:

People: Complex design that depicts people from all over the world.
Butterflies: Simple design
Sunflowers: Simple design