The Seed is Planted: Creation Mandala

Mandala: Kathy Rausch The Seed is Planted
Based on Chapter 1 in the book, Activate Divine Creativity: The Life-Changing Magic of the Mandala.
This is a great mandala to have if you're starting something new, or considering something new. 
Everything starts with a seed, a moment, a thought.
This mandala was inspired by the process of planting pea pods with my granddaughter Ruby. Every spring, we plant peas in our backyard. From the moment of planting the seeds to eating the pods fresh off the vines, we had many moments of joy together. As soon as the plants popped through the soil, Ruby would run back and tell me that they were growing! We would check on them every week and watch these tiny little seeds grow into tall, green stalks with curly tendrils that grab on to whatever is near for support. Then the little white flowers would appear. "MiMi!" Ruby would yell, "there are flowers! There are flowers!" We witnessed the little seed pods developing and watched as they grew into pods. But we had to wait until they were just the right size before we could pick them right off the vine and eat them together outside. She runs to PaPa to let him know that "The pea pods are ready!" 
What a joy it is to share this with Ruby. And it reminds me that all of life can be a joy when I stop and consider the process.