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Community Mandala: We Are Better Together: People

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This beautiful, printable Community Mandala is a perfect way to build your community. With fuss-free printing of any size, it's a fun and creative way to inspire connection among people. Get your group together and get creative while also getting to know one another. An enjoyable and meaningful activity that fosters stronger connections!

Create a community experience with this beautiful community mandala. This is a PDF file that can be printed in a large format. Place it on a table where people can gather and color together. 

With the words "We Are Better Together, Creating Inspiration, Conversation, Connection, and Community," people coloring this mandala will bond with the power of creativity and joy. 

Community Mandalas are perfect for retreat centers, senior centers, libraries, schools, corporate events, spiritual centers, yoga studios, and more. 

Kathy Rausch has been creating Community Mandalas for years for organizations and retreats. 


Purchase the mandala. You will get access (and an email) to the file to download. 

Take the file to a FedEx/Kinkos or your favorite professional printer and have it printed at any size. Ask them to use paper that is sturdy enough for markers. Ask them to add grommets if you'd like to hang them when done (great for selfies!)

** This is a 'vector' image which means it is scalable with the quality of the lines remaining intact.

For information on customizing a mandala with your images and logo, contact Kathy 

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