Virtual Meeting Survival Kit
Virtual Meeting Survival Kit
Virtual Meeting Survival Kit
Virtual Meeting Survival Kit
Virtual Meeting Survival Kit
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Virtual Meeting Survival Kit

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Tired of virtual meetings? Who isn't?

This is the perfect way to use creativity to focus while you or someone you know is living a virtual life. It's a perfect gift for anyone, adult or child, who is spending a lot of time online. 

•• Top Review: We provide these as a surprise to dozens of people around the USA and they LOVE them! Kathy customized the bags with our logo and added "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL" dates. It provided a much-needed distraction and a great way to bond with laughter and creativity. We are ordering them for most of our important meetings. This is a great way to help our clients and employees get through 2020 (and beyond). ~ Philipia H. Corporate Consultant, Washington, DC

It's been proven that coloring, doodling, or playing with something small can help you retain information, and it makes the time online more enjoyable. You'll find lots of ways to do that inside the Virtual Meeting Survival Kit. 

Makes a great gift for the holidays!

The Virtual Meeting Survival Kit includes

  • A mirror. (Never trust what you look like in the meeting app!)
  • Colored pencils. (Doodle what you're thinking about.)
  • 2 mandala books to read and color when it's hard to pay attention. (And a great way to stay mindful throughout the day.)
  • Mints. (Not as important when you're alone but nice to have.)
  • Bubbles. (Yes, bubbles. Go ahead and blow a few and see if anyone notices.)
  • Candy. (Who doesn't like a little candy in a meeting?)
  • A protein bar. (Who doesn't need a little nourishment in a meeting?) 
  • Play-doh©. (Something to fiddle with other than your desk accessories.)
  • A beautiful mandala coaster. (For your coffee, right?) 
  • Instant Starbucks© Coffee
  • Herbal Tea

All of this is packed in a burlap sack and shipped directly to your door. 

This is a fun and unique gift for yourself or anyone who's working at home or helping their kids with virtual school. 

**Order by December 14th for delivery by December 24th.

Have a virtual meeting or retreat coming up in 2021? Contact us if you'd like custom branded Survival Kits sent to your attendees.

We've provided these for dozens of people around the country and the response has been excellent. 

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